Frostflight is a main character in Fire, Ice, and Some Other Flying Thing. She is intelligent, yet completely ignorant of the concept of danger and has a strange obbsession with deathberries.


Frostflight is a pure white she-cat with blue eyes.


Fire, Ice, and Some Other Flying Thing, ThunderClan


Kit, Frostkit

Medicine Cat Apprentice, Frostpaw

Medicine Cat Apprentice, Frostflight

Medicine Cat, Frostflight

Book AppearancesEdit

Frostflight first appears as Frostkit, named by Squirrelflight along with Hawkfeather (Hawkkit) and Flameheart (Flamekit). After naming the three, Squirrelflight makes a comment about the kits growing up to be wise and a bolt of lightning zaps Dasiy. Frostkit comes in next in Chapter 2, in which she squishes deathberries to "Make the world more colorful!" Squirrelflight stops her, and, after Frostkit recites the uses of deathberries, tells her that she isn't allowed to touch deathberries unless she is a medicine cat.


Mentor - Leafpool


Mother - Squirrelflight

Father - Brambleclaw

Brothers - None

Sisters - Hawkfeather, Flameheart

Aunts - Leafpool, Tawnypelt

Uncles - none

Half-Aunts - Mothwing

Half-Uncles - Hawkfrost, Tadpole

Grandmothers - Goldenflower, Sandstorm

Grandfathers - Tigerstar, Firestar


No one knows where the white on Frostflight's pelt come from.

The three kit were originally going to be Firestar and Sandstorm's kits, but Frostflight (the maker) voted that down.

Sparrowfeather found Frosttail to hard to say, so Frostflight (the maker) changed her name to Frostflight.

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