Gangs-of-rouges-of-the-land Edit

There are four gangs in the land, Fire-gang-of-rouges, Water-gang-of-rouges, Death-gang-of-rouges and Twoleg-place-gang-of-rouges.

Story Edit

The gangs were made up from one gang of rouges, they live in four differrent territorys, the water gang live under a bridge that has a river flowing under, the fire gang live in a small forest, the death gang live on a hill with a large tree and the twoleg gang live in a twoleg place.

Death gangs leader became Death and death gang became larger and more evil, Death gang kept invading and stealing from the other gangs territorys except from twoleg gang, and the other gangs fire, and water drove death gang out from the territory and split the territorys into three and death gang dispeared, and fire gang thought that twoleg gang didn't do anything for them but twoleg gang acted as spies and guards, fire gang kept attacking twoleg gangs territory and water gang tryed to help twoleg gang but as fire gang was the biggest of the three gangs and kept water gang away from the fight, twoleg gang had visitors, five cats from the clans can and helped twoleg gang and killed the fire gangs leader Dragon.

After that the gangs were peaceful and only fought side by side not against each other.

One day a hugh group of cats came and Dexter the leader of the twoleg gang reconised four of the cats, the clans told the gangs about what happened from when Death and the army came to the great fire which destroyed the territorys, the gang knew of a new territory that the clans could have outside the gangs territorys, the clans accepted the offer and live as neighbours to the gangs and help them when ever the gangs need them.

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