Gingerpaw Edit

Gingerpaw is a ginger tabby tom with a white underbelly and sharp green eyes.

Story Edit

Gingerpaw was born to Redclaw and Whiteflower, he was the most annoying and sneekiest of the kits, when he became a apprentice Death and his army of cats came and made the Clans slaves, he was at the meeting with the Clans leaders and Death, they asked for Death to leave but she refused and the next day when he was about to become a warrior (and he wished to be called Gingerstripe after his grandfather) there was a battle between the Clans and the army, he saw Death attacking Flowerpaw (a she-cat he had a crush on), so he raced towards Death trying to kill him but Death killed him with a fierce bite to the back of his neck, and now he watches over his sisters in MoonClan.

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