WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Goldenfire is a golden colored she-cat with startling grey eyes that seem to change color.

Her mother is Sunfleck who was once a rogue and her father is Darkpelt, a member of ShadowCan.

She is first seen in Flash of Golden when she is born, and her mother and father are fighting. Her father leaves, telling Sunfleck to never tell Goldenkit(fire) who she really is.

Sunfleck tells Goldenkit her father is Shinepelt, but Goldenkit does not know her mother is lying.

She has a supernatural power to turn herself into fire and is immune to flames.

Her friends are Ivykit(eyes) and Leafkit(breeze). She has an older brother named Haypaw(fur), though it is still unknown who his father is.

Known FamilyEdit

Mother: Sunfleck - Status - Alive

Father: Darkpelt - Status - Unknown

Brother: Hayfur - Status - Alive


Goldenfire is very stubborn and hot-headed as shown in the first chapter of Flash of Golden went she and Leafkit play-fight. She is very curious, and likes to find out the truth of things.

Family TreeEdit

            Unknown She-cat----------Unknown tom
Unknown She-cat-------Waterrush Darkpelt ------- Sunfleck ------- Unknown Tom
               |                            |                |
               |                            |                |
            Muddypelt                   Goldenfire         Hayfur
Spoilers end here.

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