Grayfeather is a gray she-cat with green eyes and dark gray spots.

LedgeClan's Destiny Edit

Grayfeather is mentioned by Bushpelt at the Gathering while he was talking to Emberpelt.

Swift Leaves Edit

Grayfeather confesses her love for Bushpelt and Bushpelt is planning to confess his love for her as well. Bushpelt is seen entwining his tail with hers as they walk into the camp together.

About a moon after they were mates, Grayfeather tells Bushpelt she is expecting his kits. Bushpelt sleeps with her in the nursery until the kits are born. Two of them don't make it. But, Grayfeather names the only one who made it, Gingerkit because she looks exactly like Bushpelt.

Grayfeather's Curse Edit

Grayfeather is said that at Gatherings she appears and can be with her clanmates. Grayfeather does this at a price. She has to watch innocent cats suffer the same fate she had. Drowning. Bushpelt seeks Grayfeather out at Gatherings, happily. Grayfeather knew she didn't make a mistake as making Bushpelt her mate.

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