Grayflower Edit

Grayflower is a gray tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

She's the medicine cat of ThunderClan, and sister of Froststripe.

Appearances Edit

Kitless Clan Edit

Grayflower is the medicine cat of ThunderClan at the time when she-cats in ThunderClan aren't willing to give birth to kits, she mentions that the only two apprentices: Cedarpaw and Eaglepaw, are almost ready to become warriors, and there are no kits to replace them. Then their leader, Sparrowstar, tells her that since no other cat is willing to have kits, he has to mate with her. Grayflower is rightly shocked by this bold statement, and shakily says that she'll ask StarClan for guidance, however, the only words that her old mentor, Feathershine speaks to her are: "The clan needs your help this moon." Frustrated, Grayflower wakes up and reluctantly agrees that she'll have kits with Sparrowstar, but on one condition, that he tells the cats that they need to have kits in order to keep the clan going. Sparrowstar agrees with this, and both mate. Two moons later, she has her kits in a litter of two, whom she names Brightkit (daughter), and Foxkit (son). Then one day, her sister, Froststripe, moves into the nursery as a queen as well, and has her own kit, Adderkit. When her kits reach a moon, she tells her sister that she had Sparrowstar's kits. Then, at a gathering, secretly, she tells the RiverClan medicine cat about why she had kits.

Education Edit

Mentor: Feathershine (Deceased, Verified StarClan member)

Family Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sibling(s): Froststripe (Sister, Living as of Kitless Clan)

Leafpaw (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Shrewpaw (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Ryekit (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Mate: Sparrowstar (formerly, Living as of Kitless Clan)

Brother-In-Law: Yewbranch (Living, as of Kitless Clan)

Daughter(s): Brightkit

Son(s): Foxkit

Nephew(s): Adderkit

Niece(s): None

Quotes Edit

"Please, tiny kits, live for the sake of ThunderClan."-

Grayflower to Brightkit and Foxkit, Kitless Clan

"I asked StarClan for guidance, and Feathershine let me see an image of two kit

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