Hailshadow is a black she-cat with a white chest, front legs, muzzle, paws, and tail tip, with amber eyes.


Kit: Hailkit

Apprentice: Hailpaw

Tribe: Hail

Warrior: Hailshadow

Her StoryEdit

Hailshadow was born in Shoneclan, as Hailkit, to Raincloud and Clawedear. Her sibling, Brownkit, was born after, when she was an apprentice. However, when Raincloud's sister, Snow of Frosty Nights, traveled to Shoneclan, she recognized that Hailpaw had a potential. She explained to Raincloud that, if Hailpaw did not live up to her potential, she would be a waste. Raincloud agreed that Hailpaw going to the Tribe of Middle Mountain, so she can learn with Bouldersight to unlock herself. First reluctant, Hailpaw then agreed.

She was proud and arrogant at first. But after moons with Snow and her mate, Mud of Many Hills, who was sick, and Bouldersight, they finally got a part of her to learn. Hail then got really smart and connected in the world. Snow and Mud predicted that it was only a fraction of what she can know. Hail then found the cure to one of the small diseases of the Tribe. She fell in love with the mountains, with her friends, Starling, Silver, and Sand, and with the learning system. She and Jay from Valley so Deep became good friends, after a dream she received.

However, then Raincloud, Clawedear, and Brownkit moved to the Tribe, in search of a better future. But Raincloud, Clawedear, and Snow and Mud had many disagreements. Finally, after a moon of turmoil and sadness, they moved back to ShoneClan, with Hail. She never forgot her friends and Jay.

Hail then became Hailpaw again, with different cats. She was bitter at her parent's decisions. But then, she love of her clanmates then broke through her icy shield. Hailpaw became very loving and social with the apprentices.

But the Tribe is still in her heart.

Moons later, Snow then contacted Hailpaw. She said that, if she wanted to come back to the Tribe, she could, with her consent. But her parents didn't want her to go, at all. Hailpaw was then left to decide whether to stand up to her parents and come back to the Tribe, to connect her inner potential, or just live a normal life. Hailpaw pondered many things. She did not have enough courage to stand up to her parents.

But then, one night, Hailpaw miraculously discussed this with them. As always, they disagreed, but she made some progress. Hailpaw wouldn't give up. But then... what would she be leaving behind? Loving friends...

Hailpaw cannot live with a paw in both worlds. She must choose.


This is pretty much my life in a nutshell. ^^' Hailshadow 17:31, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

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