Havensong is a beautiul, triangular-headed white she-cat with calm blue eyes and a grayish flank.


Father: Lynxmask

Mother: Applesong

Sibling: Ricepelt

First's TimeEdit

Havensong is Havenpaw, a smart and matured apprentice, but she's still very enthusiastic about fun. Eveningpaw becomes her best friend, kind of making Flakepaw jealous. Eveningpaw doesn't really notice, but Havenpaw does. Not wanting to get Flakepaw mad, she goes distant from her. Eveningpaw makes a hypothesis on why she did it instantly, but did not say it aloud. Eveningpaw concludes that Flakepaw doesn't know that Eveningpaw knew about the reason, and she was right.

Eveningpaw becomes her best friend again when Flakepaw got kind of insane.

Shaken HeartsEdit

When the earthquake struck, she helped Flakepaw escape a falling tree, blocking the apprentices' den. They eventually succedded and she lived to tell the tale.

The Dawn of Dusk is NoonEdit

Stormcall, a rogue who joined as a warrior, seems to like her. Eveningswift is seem to cast some mischiveious looks at her friend whenever he is at the area. Stormcall apparently doesn't notice, but Havensong does and blushes deeply, well, if cats could blush.


Flakewind is a humorous and highly philosophical cat. She actually taught Eveningswift some of the basic things about life itself.


Havensong is a very smart she-cat, though a thinking-stage made her secluded from the clan for a moon, puzzling others.

She taught Eveningshine many basic thought-controllers, as they shared the similar mind.

Flakepaw, now Flakewind, becomes jealous of their closeness and is snooty.

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