Hawkpaw is a pretty-furred pale cream-brown tabby she-cat with matching colored eyes, and a slightly flat face. She has a scarab mark on her head, and a small scar on the left side of her face, that shines in the night.

Hawkpaw is perceptive and a planner, though she finds things very coincidencal; slightly naive and holding her emotions in, she only confines to her friends. Hawkpaw's also a bit of a flirt, once you think about it.


Hawkpaw can run pretty fast. She's good at jumping high, but not long. Sturdy, persistant, and headstrong, Hawkpaw is also self-centered and low on self-esteem sometimes.

Hawkpaw's afraid of the dark, heights, but can stand everything if Clawpaw is with her. Clawpaw is a cat who joins the crew later in the books, when Tigerstar decides that it's time for more guinea pigs to experiment on; after all, the more, the merrier, he suggests.

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