This article is for Hawkstar of ThunderClan. If you are looking for the other Hawkstar, please see Hawkstar (SC).

History Edit

Hawkstar was born and raised in ThunderClan. She has a twin sister and one half-brother.

When Hawkstar was an apprentice, she was very lonely because she was different than the rest of the apprentices; no one really liked her. Then she met Spottedpaw and they became good friends.

When it was time to chose a new deputy, the two didn't quarrel but encouraged each other. When Hawkstar was chosen, she had many friends but had only one choice.

Spottedfire was well respected, but she didn't feel like she was the right choice. Littlefern was her choice because she was a more experienced warrior than anyone else, other than Pebbleshine, who was ill at the time.

Family Edit

Sister: Tangleclaw.

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