Hazelkit is a white she-kit with ginger patches. She becomes Hazelwing in The Quest for the Lost Clans.

Education Edit

Mentor- Waterlily

Family Edit

Mother- Fawnwhisker

Father- Scarface Status Unknown

Brother- Finchkit

Sister- Flamekit

Grandmother- Hawkfire

Grandfather- Eagleheart Deceased

Uncle- Pebblestream

Hazelwing's biography Edit

Hazelkit is born to Fawnwhisker and Scarface after he is exiled. She is shown to be a calm, soft-spoken kit. She becomes a apprentice at the end of Changing Seasons. Sometime in The Quest for the Lost Clans, she becomes Hazelwing, along with her littermates, Flamefeather, the medicene cat apprentice, and Finchstripe, the loyal warrior.

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