Icestorm''''is a white tabby she-cat with silver paws and a silver muzzle. She is the deputy of LightingClan.

History Edit

Dark Cave Edit

Icestorm appears as Icekit. She is a kit at the time. Her father is Icewhisker. and mother is Mistystream. She does not have a large role in this book.

Shallow Rivers Edit

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Dawnlight Edit

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Her life in FeatherClans Edit

She joined DoveClan as a young warrior. She then met Hawkstar, leader of DoveClan. Later when Thundertail is with Spurcepaw he asks her to help him carry her to White Birch Forest. Icestorm helps. Then a warrior named Alpinefrost asks Icestorm to go hunting with him. They go to Rainbow Falls and hunt.

Quotes Edit


Rockfall...Why? Why do you have to leave me? You were my only hope until now.

Hawkfire- You can't expect life to be like prey that leaps into your jaws.

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