Silvery blue tom with blue eyes

Mother- Silverfur (Brought to Moonclan from Riverclan as a kit)

Father- Branchclaw (Purebred Moonclan cat)

Siblings- Appleleaf, Bristlefur

Icestorm is destinined to become a brilliant clan leader. He was made a warrior early, and Dawnstar elected him deputy only after he had been a warrior for three moons. His sister, Appleleaf, is a medicine cat aprentice and his brother, Bristlefur, is an highly respected warrior. Icestorm is a brilliant fighter and scenter, and always appears to have everything under control. He is calm, ambitious, and loyal. Icestorm is always striving to become the deputy his clan deserves. Icestorm brought the peace tp the clans that was prophocized by Starclan; at a gathering, the clans were arguing about the tunnels. Some clans said that they gave attackers unfair advantage and killed many innocent cats in their floods and avalanches. Others said the cats killed were fools, and the tunnels should just be left alone, and as prey gathered near the tunnel enterances they provided good hunting grounds. Icestorm brought peace to the clans by saying the clans wishing to destroy the tunnels could block them off, and the clans who wished to keep the tunnels could keep them. The clan s wishing to keep the tunnels would not be able to attack the clans that blocked off the tunnels, that way, but still have the prey that gathered near the tunnel enterances. He prevented a battle happening at a gathering, and has done many other good things that are nursury tales for kits by now. Icestorm shall one day become leader, forfilling the prophecy Flamekit was meant to forfill. Flamekit was destinied to be clan leader, but an escaped Dark forest warrior knew if the kit was made leader, he would thwart the Dark forest's evil plan to use the Tribe of FLying Eagles to kill off the clans. Flamekit was murdered, but his spirit lives in Icestorm, due to the prophecy- Flame and Ice shall become one; Flame once quenched shall rise once more; Flame's firey spirit shall soar once more.

Icestorm lead the clans to drive off the evil Tribe of Flying Eagles, and killed their leader, Clawed Leaf, to end the battle. Flame had rised again to forfill its destiny, its spirit soared once more.

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