Icethroat is a silver she-cat with a white underbelly and white paws, a single right black ear, and dark-blue eyes. She is a warrior of WingClan, and is sister of Sunstorm.

Icethroat would do anything to protect any of her Clanmates, has a grudge against no one except for whoever Wingfrost, Featherfall, and Silverwing's parents are, and if anyone tried to take her hostage, that cat would be dead in moments.

History Edit

Icethroat's mentor was Wingfrost, and Icethroat often got praised by her leader, and went on all special patrols. Icethroat worked very hard, and often defeated her brother in traning sessions. In case of emergencies, she even learned almost all of the herbs from Silverwing a couple of days when Wingfrost had to double train between her and Brownpaw.

When Icethroat became a warrior, she picked out her own warrior name, as Wingfrost let her. Icethroat named herself after her favorite attack on an enemy, a bite to the throat, and she also named herself Icethroat because of her white throat and underbelly.

Now, Icethroat is a very respected warrior of WingClan, and her best friend if Flarefang. Icethroat helped Flarefang comfort Fireflash when both Gingerheart and Brownpaw died. Icethroat is still chosen for every special patrol, and Wingfrost told her that if Featherfall died before she did, that Icethroat would be the next deputy of WingClan. Icethroat is the best hunter in WingClan, and is the third best fighter in the Clan, with the only two cats stronger than her being Wingfrost and Featherfall.

Now, Icethroat is still striving to be the best warrior of WingClan, and is mentor to her brother's daughter, Rainpaw.

Family and Education Edit

Mother: Lilystripe

Father: Blackscar

Half-Aunts: Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash

Sisters: Moonshine and Spottedwish

Brother: Sunstorm

Nieces and Nephew: Rainpaw, Cloverpaw, and Dapplepaw

Mentor: Wingfrost

Apprentices: Rainpaw

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