Icterine is a pretty white she-cat with splashes of pale gray tabby fur and eyes the color of icterine.


Mother: Paleblaze

Father: Furzestorm

Ancestor: Ivypool (As from The Fourth Apprentice, in England, yes, but one of her descendants were brought to America, and... here we are :3)


Icterine is currently a kit with Glaze, the blind loner that she is living with.

When Glaze and she went over to a pool, she looks into its depths and senses something. Glaze then realizes that this kit had a special connection with her eyes, as he was shocked to actually see her for the first time, as he is blind by birth. They showed of something glimmering.

Glaze then thinks of the past events that had happened. Icterine was found under hazel tree, the only one by the city. She had a paw on one of the roots, and one on an oak tree. Glaze wonders if this was a sign- that she had roots on one of the unique, wild trees, and one calm one.

Icterine impossibly slips into Glaze's thoughts- and she runs away out of fright. Glaze is helpless to do anything to stop the kit from running, and he is lost. Icterine reaches a city and thinks of if Glaze would be dead soon, as he is blind and helpless. She feels terrible, but wants to figure out what was going on.

She meets Rime. He's a rogue that lives in the streets of New York. She befriends him he introduces her to his friends, also rogues- Typhoon, Mossie, Tyco, and Boniette. She makes friends with Typhoon and Mossie, but makes enemies out of Tyco. She respects Boniette a lot. The calm she-cat just has something mystic about her.

A group of evil rogues, what the cats call them, comes to town. She wonders who they are, even though Rime said to never go to them, as they were REALLY evil. But Icterine is just nearly over kithood and doesn't listen.

Icterine watches them from an apartment building. She finds out that they're a sort of mafia (what? :P) of cats. They're called Bloodclan. (teehee)

However, the owner of the appartment seesher and bats her off of the window, and she lands in the midst of their meeting.

Bloodclan takes her as a prisoner. As she's in her prison, she cries about how she left Glaze, how stupid she was, and what would the others be doing. :(

But then she actually gets away when a twoleg finds her,catches her, and brings her to a shelter. When she was traveling in the monster, her cage fell. She then found herself in Finclan territory.

She then joins Finchclan. Icterine's haunted by her stupidity of her past. She meets Shadepaw, Icestorm's Spirit, Gingerflower, and Stormthunder, the young warrior. She makes friends with him. :)

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