"Petalkit and Eaglekit. My beautiful kits.

Iggy to Frostedstare, Starlight's Shimmer


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  • Silverkit
  • Silverpaw
  • Silverburn
  • Iggy
  • Pale silver fur with ginger flecks, brown paws, and a white-tipped tail.
  • Silver-tinted river blue eyes.
  • Father- Sharptalon
  • Mother- Smokefrost
  • Brother- Hailfur
  • Mate(s)- Isadora (formerly), Frostedstare (formerly), Cloudwhisker
  • Kits- Fawnflash, Mysticfire, Loudscreech, Petalmist, Eagletalon, Smallpaw, Cherrypaw.
  • Past- FlowingClan, Loner, ShadedClan
  • Current- CliffClan
Theme Song
  • Fixing A Hole by The Beatles
  • Dawn Colors
  • Dead Flames
  • Fantasy Journey
  • Deadly Season
  • Cold Foreshadowing
  • Starlight's Shimmer
  • The Moon's Formation
  • The Arow in the Heart
  • Justice For All
  • No
WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 1: Dawn Colors Edit

Iggy and his band of loner attacks ShadedClan. After VCR kills Icystare, he is captured and held for around a day. He then escapes and is not seen again in the book.

Book 2: Dead Flames Edit

Iggy is only seen once, when he gives Fawnflash and her kits to ShadedClan.

Book 3: Fanasty Journey Edit

Iggy, after visiting his kits in ShadedClan, is almost killed by Shellstar. His mate, Frostedstare, intervenes and prevents him from being killed.

At the end of the book, Frostedstare has his two kits; Mystickit and Loudkit.

Book 4: Deadly SeasonEdit

Iggy is blamed for the death of Shellstar, even though it was not his fault. After he is proved innocent, he leaves, and Frostedstare is heartbroken.

Book 5: Cold ForeshadowingEdit

After leaving, Iggy has become a protector of innocent cats everywhere. VCR tries to take his land, but Iggy wins and banishes him to the unknown lands. After finding there was an attempt on Frostedstare's life, he prevents it and rejoins ShadedClan.

Book 6: Starlight's ShimmerEdit

Iggy only appears when Frostedstare has his two kits, named Petalkit and Eaglekit.

Book 7: The Moon's FormationEdit

In the 12 moon gap between Starlight's Shimmer and this book, Iggy has left ShadedClan and Frostedstare and joined CliffClan, with a new mate and kits. His mate's name is Cloudwhisker and the kits names are Cherrykit and Smallkit. His other kits, Mysticpaw, Loudpaw, Eaglekit and Petalkit have become warriors.

Book 8: The Arrow in the HeartEdit

Iggy is on the patrol that escorts the patrol of CliffClan cats home.

Book 10: Justice For AllEdit

He is fighting in the epic battle against ShadedClan.

Education Edit

Mentor: Marbledfrost
Apprentice(s): None.

Theme Song(s) Edit

Fixing A Hole

Quotes Edit

"Petalkit and Eaglekit. My beautiful kits." - Iggy to Frostedstare, Starlight's Shimmer, Chapter 2

Trivia Edit

  • Iggy is based on a Miximum Ride character of the same name.
  • He was origionally giong to be blind.

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Mate: Cloudwhisker - Living as of Justice For All.
Kit(s): Fawnflash- Living as of Justice For All, Mysticfire - Living as of Justice For All, Loudscreech - Living as of Justice For All, Petalmist - Living as of Justice For All, Eagletalon - Living as of Justice For All, Cherrypaw - Living as of Justice For All and Smallpaw - Living as of Justice For All.
Father: Sharptalon - Deceased as of Justice For Al.
Mother: Smokefrost - Living as of Justice For All
Brother: Hailfur - Living as of Justice For All.

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