WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Jay is a brown tom with dark stripes that seem to be angular, with amber eyes.

Kit: unknown

To-be: Jay from Valley so Deep


His past is unknown, except that for when he was introduced, was when Hailkit recieved a dream about him and her being mates. She was disgusted, and when she finally met him, freaked and stayed away. But Jay proved to be a kind and awesome cat, so Hail began to love him.

When Hail left the Tribe, it is unknown of his reaction. But she never gave up on him.

He finally made contact with her at gatherings as the Tribe visited sometimes. Her friends developed crushes on him, and he seemed to talk to them more. But he only knows who Hail is, and not her friends.


Based on a real-life guy.

He has mood swings :0

Spoilers end here.

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