"Oh, no, dear! But you'll learn to fight better if you go with these warriors of the world!"
- Jezzabella to Crowpaw, The Fallen


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  • Jezzabella
  • Dark Brown Fur
  • Yellow eyes resembling the moon
  • Mate- Sharpfoot
  • Daughter- Minnowpaw
  • Son- Crowpaw
Past AffiliationKittypet
Theme Song
  • Unknown
  • The Fallen
  • Courage
  • No
WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Jezzabella appears as Sharpfoot's other mate, along with her kits, Minnowpaw and Crowpaw.
She doesn't seem to care that her cats have to leave her and her mate. See Sharpfoot.
Sharpfoot states that Jezzabella used to be a kittypet, which isn't that surprising, if you think about it.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Jezzabella makes a surprise appearance, to ask SkyClan if they could help Sharpfoot, for he was dying because of LavaClan's attacks. She says that she had to ask ShadowClan for directions to SkyClan's camp, and in exchange she would be a warrior for them for a year. She does not go to the barn, though, maybe to spend time with her son, Crowpaw.

Trivia Edit

  • Jezzabella could have been a LavaClan Cat named Jezzabell, but it was quickly decided against, because she was supposed to be a evil character, and a evil woman in the Bible was named Jezzabell, but once it was decided that she would be good, Jezzabell was no longer a fitting name.

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Mate Sharpfoot - Living as of Courage
Son Crowpaw - Living as of Courage
Daughter Minnowpaw - Living as of Courage

Family Tree Edit

             Jezzabella ---------Sharpfoot---------Mintfur
                               |                |
                               |                |
                            /    \            Unnamed, deceased kits
                      Minnowpaw  Crowpaw

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