Leafburn is a cream-colored she-cat with a pale-ginger underbelly, white paws, a pale-gray tail, and bright green eyes. She is a queen of WingClan, and is expecting her second litter of kits, as well as mother to Rainpaw, Cloverpaw, and Dapplepaw.

History Edit

Leafburn's mentor was Featherfall, and when she became a warrior, her name was Leafburn because her tail turned gray from getting stuck in a fire out in the forest. She couldn't get out of the fire, and her fur was burnt for quite some time, but the only scars that were left forever were the ones on her tail, changing her tail color completely to the color of ashes.

Leafburn is now best friend and mate of Sunstorm, and is mentoring her daughter Dapplepaw, along with Creamclaw, who was assigned to be Dapplepaw's mentor when Leafburn joined the nursery.

Family and Education Edit

Parents: Unknown

Sisters and Brothers: None

Mate: Sunstorm

Daughters: Rainpaw and Dapplepaw

Son: Cloverpaw

Mentor: Featherfall

Apprentices: Dapplepaw (until she became a queen, or course)

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