Leafshade is a brown, in all shades she-cat. She is a medicine cat in CloudClan( SkyClan).

Mate: Falconblaze Kits: Unknown


Leader- Otterstar( shecat) Deputy- Fernstalk( she cat) Medicine Cat- Ivyleaf and Leafshade( she cats) Leafshade was Ivyleaf's apprentice before Spottedpaw WARRIORS Rainsong( male) apprentice, Owlpaw Applestorm( she cat) Embergaze( she cat) apprentice, Nightpaw Silverdoe( she cat) Hippopotomous-song( male) Nightcloud( she cat) Appleblossom( loner) male apprentice, Spottedpaw Crippledface( male) Scarletface( she cat) apprentice, Pinepaw Tigerleap( male) apprentice, Dapplepaw Firsap( male) Willowstorm(male) apprentice, Swallowpaw Shadeflower ( she cat)

APPRENTICES Swallowpaw, male Dapplepaw, female Spottedpaw, female Pinepaw, male Nightpaw, female Owlpaw, male

QUEENS Opalshine Honeywillow Lakestorm

Family Edit

mate: Runningwind

kits: Darktalon and Nightshadow

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