Leafstar (formarly Leafwhisker) is a gray tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Light in the Darkness Edit

She nearly kills Dragonheart but was forced to by Adderstar. She is along with Dragonheart are part of a prophecy "You will become leader and make this clan strong, but some cats may not likes your ideas and your doom will come ever closer than it has before."

Figure in ShadowsEdit

She doesn't appear much, other twice in the Blood Forest. She became a leader in this book though it's unknown when.

Family Tree Edit

 Breezepelt---------Blur Yew


        Morning Sunset-------------Windflight (WindClan)  Snowy---------------------Berry

                                   |                                                    |

                Ivystar Moonflight Lightwing------------------------Water Fire





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