• Leopardkit
  • Leopardpaw
  • Leopardheart
  • White fur
  • Black spots running down her back
  • Blue eyes
  • Father- Blackheart
  • Mother- Hazel-eyes
  • Brother- Ravenflight
  • SkyClan
Theme Song
  • Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
  • The Fallen
  • Ice in the Moon
  • Courage
  • No

"Eek, LavaClan!"
- Leopardheart to Minnowpaw, The Fallen

"I don't love him!"
- Leopardheart to Moonkit, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Leopardkit is born to Hazel-eyes and Blackheart, along with her brother, Ravenkit.
Leopardkit and Ravenkit become apprentices. Leopardpaw's mentor is Cloverfang, but it is unclear who Ravenpaw's is.
Ravenpaw dies, and Leopardpaw is heartbroken. She suggests that they put his body in the nursery in case LavaClan/BloodClan attack while the most of her Clan are gone, meaning she could be a good Medicine Cat if all the spots for the posistion weren't filled up.
Leopardpaw's new mentor is Mudspots, when Cloverfang becomes a queen and cannot train her.
Leopardpaw is the first cat besides Cloverfang and Hawkstar to run in to Minnowpaw. She doesn't seem to like her much and mistook her for a LavaClan cat.

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Leopardpaw gets in a training bout with Minnowpaw, and utterly beats her.
Later, when Moonkit asks if she is in love with Smokefoot, Leopardpaw freaks out and almost attacks Moonkit.
Leopardpaw gets her warrior name, Leopardheart, because of how hard she fought against Cinderfire.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Leopardheart is first seen when she gets an apprentice, Birdpaw, despite the fact she was newly a warrior. Hawkstar stubbornly argues with this, saying that her abities didn't lie with her strength or how long she'd been a warrior, but her experience.
She stays in camp after Jezzabella is seen.

Theme Song(s) Edit

Miss Independent= [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Leopardheart is her creator's favorite character out of the whole series, next to Nick.

Education Edit

Mentors Cloverfang, Mudspots
Apprentice(s) Birdpaw

Quotes Edit

Eek, LavaClan! -Leopardheart to Minnowpaw, The Fallen, Chapter ???
I don't love him! -Leopardheart to Moonpaw, Ice in the Moon, Chapter 1
I'm not good enough for your daughter? -Leopardheart to Honeypelt, Courage, Chapter 2

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Father Blackheart - Living as of Courage
Mother Hazel-eyes - Living as of Courage
Brother Ravenflight - Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Family Tree Edit

                   / \
         Ravenflight  Leopardheart

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