"We have done nothing wrong. Nothing."
- Lightningsparks to a big tom

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Lightningsparks is a dark gray tom with a black tail and yellow eyes. He appears only in Dirty Little Secret and Dirty Little Liar.

Book 1: Dirty Little Secret Edit

Lightningsparks is born to his mother, a medicine cat, and his father, a deputy, Smokefoot. He never knew his parents, and was nursed by his mother's friend. He learns about his true heritage, then goes on with a ShadowClan cat, Sandleaf. He tries to be careful.

Book 2: Dirty Little Liar Edit

The story opens to show Lightningsparks whispering in Sandleaf's ear atop a tree, telling her he loves her. A big tom from Sandleaf's Clan jumps out of a bush, snarling. Lightningsparks tries to explain that they are doing no harm, but the big cat doesn't listen, and kills Lightningsparks. He drags Sandleaf back to the camp, whereas they exile and persecute her. She swears that she'll kill the big cat in honor of her mate.

Book 3: Dirty Little Killers Edit

When Sandleaf is walking away after Raggedpelt (what I imagine is the deputy name of Raggedstar) spots her, she walks over to a bush where she smells Lightningsparks' scent, bloody but a lot like his. She sees a fox eating him. And, she goes through on her swear...she kills Blacknight, the cat who murdered him.

Education Edit

Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Family Edit


Mate Sandleaf - Living as of Dirty Little Killers
Mother Crystalheart - Living as of Ice in the Moon/Deceased as of Dirty Little Secret
Father Smokefoot - Living as of Ice in the Moon/Deceased as of Dirty Little Secret
Uncle Stormclaw - Living as of Ice in the Moon
Grandmother Hawkstar - Living as of Ice in the Moon
Sister ? - Deceased as of Dirty Little Secret
Uncle-In-Law Snakestar - Living as of Dirty Little Killers

Tree Edit

                         / \
                Stormclaw  Smokefoot--------------Crystalheart
                                        ?        Lightningsparks------Sandleaf

Spoilers end here.

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