Lightstep is a handsome young pure white tom with one ginger paw and golden eyes

History Edit

Lightkit was born to Leafsky and Flashblaze, his sibbling were Icekit and Rainkit. While they were playing in the sundappled forest Leafsky discovered something. Lightkit couldn't speak. Lightkit has a small crush on Lilykit and the make a secret launguage so they can understand eachother. When Duskkit asked him do you like Lilykit, Lightkit mouthed it's like a crush. Then Llykit came back in and overheard what he said. When they are at the Rainbow Falls Lightkit gets sad everyone else can talk besides him and runs off somewhere. Lilykit and Duskkit find him on top of the elder's den letting the sun streak yellow rays on his pelt. He is frightened and they sslowly dissapear. He cmments he has a power and he is the controller of light. He puts his paws in the direction of the sun and then on Lilykit and the sun shine directly on her. Mostly it seems Duskkit is jelous and runs away while Lightkit cover the sun with clouds and it is pitch black. Lilykit and Lightkit rn to the Dark Meadow and Duskkit loves the darkness. So Lightkit covers the sun with black clouds and mouthes better? But soon after it seems that Lightkit and Duskkit are being chosen by Lilykit and Lightkit seems sad. Bt then the three watch the sun set and Lightkit mouthes, I love it when the sun rises and sets, also when the moon rises, the moon gives a wonderous light along with the stars. He moves his paw while they are looking at the stars and makes them all twinkle. He sees that Duskkit is getting more closer to Lilykit while watching the stars and becomes angry. Duskkit asked Lilykit is Sunnydawn and Flashstorm was her parents she says no and Lightkit is wondering if her parents live in the stars. Lightkit seems really angry abot Lilykit and Duskkit and storms to the nursery. Lilykit come back in knowing her true parents died, but she brings in her sister, her sister is mad at Lighkit for not responding but since she is in Sparrowclan she has to go. Lightkit is angry with Skyspirit, Lilykit's siter because he couldn't talk. But Lightkit is very sad knowing that Lilykit is apart of Doveclan, he then asks moutheing that if she can join Finchclan. She says yes and secretly switches clans. Lightkit is now very happy. But when Violetpaw comes in she is sad because Duskkit didn't really like her, and Lightkit feels pity for her. When Forestheart and Violetpaw overheard about him mouthing to Lilykit about his secret they ask and Lightkit confesses. He then flics his paw to the left which means follow, to Lilykit and pads to White Birch forest. Many people are croudig him and Lilykit when he asks Lilykit if she likes Duskkit so he pads to Sun Dappled Forest. He hen again asks her in privacy. Lilykit hesitates then says no and says she is just friends like him like she is friends with Lightkit. But Lightkit Mothes demanding her to tell him more. Lckily she can understand what he mouthes. He waits for and answer but it takes a bit long. Lilykit says abot what for an excuse so he mouthes he question again. She says Dskkit is a nice guy and he's fnny and sweet but Lightkit didn't settle for that so he mouthes the question angirly. But she jst says that Lightkit is friendly and brave. But then she said she doesn't like anyone yet and that her and Duskkit are just friends.

Apprentice Edit

Lightpaw used his powers to try to save Peachfeather from a hawk but the hawk dropped her and Peacheather died. Lilypaw has to chose between Lightpaw and Duskpaw and the cats all leave to the Moss Steps to leave her alone to choose. Lilypaw decided to choose Duskpaw instead and Lightpaw declines friendhip to her anymore and for her to be happy for both of them. He slowly hate himself and is depressed. He blames himself for his whole life and his powers and being not able to talk. At Rainbow Falls he said that his heart will always lie with Lilypaw and she may not like him but he'll always love her. Lightpaw then found out Lilypaw go over him and loves Duskpaw more, and she'll never be his friend. Lightpaw held himself together but couldn't stop his love from taking him over and broke out in tears in front of Violetpaw. When a Starclan cat says Lightpaw should grow to like Violetpaw, he mouthed in yelling way he'll never love Violetpaw and he'll always love Lilypaw. He then Mouthes at the starclan cat to leave him alone. He helps everyone with light when the hawk attack comes. He seems to get closer to Violetpaw, but still loves Lilypaw. Lightpaw and Violetpaw go to the Sundappled forest and Lightpaw figures out that light will give him his voice. He takes in light and then can speak. He is kinda fallingin love wit Violetpaw and him and her get their warrior names now Violeteyes and Lightstep.

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