Lilystripe is a silver she-cat with black tabby stripes and very light green, almost white, eyes.

History Edit

Lilystripe is secretly Icethroat and Sunstorm's mother, and tries to stay away from her kits and her mate as much as possible. Although she was a former warrior of RiverClan, being half-Clan between RiverClan and ThunderClan, since all of the Clans died, she is now a rogue. She is the cat who told Icethroat that WingClan is living in the caves that at one time reached to WindClan and ThunderClan territory, as well as the later discovered RiverClan link to it, and that all of the Clans had been close to destruction when she was six moons old, so that being Half-Clan barely mattered. Lilystripe told Icethroat that all four Clans had an entrance to the caves, and that if it ever rains, that WingClan hurry out of their camp as quickly as possible. It later turns out that Lilystripe was right, and that one night, while it was raining, the camp was flooded, and Brownpaw died. After the flood, Icethroat looks all over the territory above the caves, but can never find Lilystripe.

Lilystripe's current whereabouts are unknown, but it is highly suggested by Oakpaw that Lilystripe is now a StarClan cat.

Family Edit

Mate: Blackscar

Daughters: Icethroat, Moonshine, and Spottedwish

Sons: Sunstorm

Granddaughters: Rainpaw and Dapplepaw

Grandson: Cloverpaw

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