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  • Lionkit
  • Lionpaw
  • Lionclaw
  • Golden Fur
  • Amber Eyes
  • Brother- Goldenstripes
  • Mate- Lizardcloud
  • Daughter- Diamondkit
  • Niece- Moonpaw
  • Foster-Niece- Icepaw
  • Sister-in-law- Cloverfang
  • SkyClan
Theme Song
  • Follow Me by Uncle Kracker
  • The Bravest
  • The Fallen
  • Ice in the Moon
  • Courage
"Congratulations on your warrior name, Lizardcloud..."
- Lionclaw to Lizardcloud, The Fallen

"Come along with your uncle, sweetie! Don't you wanna be a warrior?"
- Lionclaw to Icekit, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Lionclaw appears when helping Cloverfang escape from Hawkstar's moment of histeria.
Cloverfang begins to get feelings for Lionclaw, but is crestfallen when he seems to be in love with Lizardpaw[1]

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Goldenstripes and Cloverfang agree that both Lionclaw and Lizardcloud are too young to mate.
He is chosen to be in the battle against LavaClan, but it is not clear if he survived or not.
By the time Honeypelt's kits are born, it is still unknown if he is alive or not.
Lionclaw tells Icekit that quote "Goldenstripes is lucky to have picked your mother (Cloverfang)". This means he may have possibly liked her before he liked Lizardcloud.
Lizardcloud moves into the nursery, expecting his kits.

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Lionclaw is mentioned by Icekit to be one of her role models, which she seems to have a lot of.
Lionclaw helps to try and get Icekit to come back to SkyClan, which he succeeds in doing. He also rips Cinderfire's throat open, but doesn't kill her.
Lizardcloud gives birth to his first daughter, Diamondkit.
Lionclaw is present when his nieces become apprentices, and become's Moonpaw's mentor.
Lionclaw saves Moonpaw from Leaf-eyes, who attacked the two over a agreement.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Lionclaw does not go to the Gathering because he is strong, thus when Jezzabella appears and gets Hawkstar to let some cats go help Sharpfoot, he is chosen to go. When the cats run into Leaf-eyes again, Lionclaw is only pushed a little by his arrogant remarks, and thanks Treewind when he makes Leaf-eyes stop.
Later, he helps fight in the short battle against LavaClan, while they are at the barn.
He mourns the "death" of Moonpaw, his niece and apprentice
When Crystalheart asks him if he believes in reincarnation, he is side-tracked on getting home and replies, "yeah, sure, why not?".

Misc.: Warriors Rumors Edit

Lionclaw appears as a special-guest co-host.

Education Edit

Mentor Unknown
Apprentice(s) Moonpaw

Theme Song Edit

Follow Me- [1]

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Mother Yellowtail - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member
Brother Goldenstripes - Living as of Courage
Mate Lizardcloud - Living as of Courage
Daughter Diamondkit - Living as of Courage
Sister-In-Law Cloverfang - Living as of Courage
Brother-In-Law Dustfur - Living as of Courage
Niece Moonpaw - Living as of Courage
Foster-Niece Icepaw - Living as of Courage
Other members- Sister- Hollykit
Brother Jaykit
Mother- SquirrelFlight 
Grandparents- Sandstorm, Firestar
Father- Brambleclaw

Family Tree Edit

                                / \
                     ?----Ashfoot  Sootpelt-------Nightflower          ?-------Yellowtail           ?------Dawnwing
                          |          Boulder----Glacia |                           |                            |
                         / \                 |   |     |                          /  \                       /     \      
    Leafpool--Crowfeather Eaglekit   Cinderfire ?-Nick-Cloverfang--------Goldenstripes   Lionclaw-----Lizardcloud   Dustfur---Honeypelt
                    |                            |   |               |                                                       |
                    |                          Ska   Icepaw         Moonpaw                                                  |
              /     |   \                                                                                Birdpaw, Rockpaw, Featherpaw
   Jayfeather  Hollyleaf  Lionblaze
Spoilers end here.

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References and Citations Edit

  1. Revealed in The Bravest, Chapter 6