WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

LionxLizard is the romantic relationship between Lionclaw and Lizardcloud.

Summary Edit

LionxLizard is the relationship with a well-respected warrior and a 'gossip girl' type she-cat. When Lizardcloud had noticed that another she-cat, Cloverfang, was crushing on Lionclaw, she started liking the handsome tom, too. Lionclaw doesn't seem to realize this and goes along with whomever is with him at the moment. Apparently, Lizardcloud is in the nursery, pregnant with Lionclaw's kit(s).
Lizardcloud seems to be into Lionclaw only because of his 'popularness'.

The Bravest Edit

We get our first hint of LionxLizard in this book, when Cloverfang feels extreme jealousy for Lionclaw.

The Fallen Edit

Cloverfang gets over Lionclaw (barly, though) and LionxLizard becomes much more open, even though it is not mentioned much.

Ice in the Moon Edit

Lizardcloud gets pregnant with Lionclaw's kit(s). She moves into the nursery and horribly gossips around the smaller kits, especially Icekit and Moonkit.
Lizardcloud gives birth to Lionclaw's first daughter later in the book; Diamondkit. She doesn't give much thought to her name.

Theme Song Edit

3 by Britney Spears.

Tree Edit

                                / \
                     ?----Ashfoot  Sootpelt-------Nightflower          ?-------Yellowtail           ?------Dawnwing
                          |          Boulder----Glacia |                           |                            |
                         / \                 |   |     |                          /  \                       /     \      
    Leafpool--Crowfeather Eaglekit   Cinderfire ?-Nick-Cloverfang--------Goldenstripes   Lionclaw-----Lizardcloud   Dustfur---Honeypelt
                    |                            |   |               |                                                       |
                    |                          Ska   Icepaw         Moonpaw                                                  |
              /     |   \                                                                                Birdpaw, Rockpaw, Featherpaw
   Jayfeather  Hollyleaf  Lionblaze

Spoilers end here.

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