John NekoEdit

A 15 year old boy that is destined to save the Clans.

Robert NekoEdit

A 13 year old boy that is John's younger brother. Affectionately known as Rob.

Ashton NekoEdit

A 12 year old boy that is John's and Rob's youngest brother.

Ashley NekoEdit

A 10 year old girl that is John's sister and Rachel's older twin.

Rachel NekoEdit

A 10 year old girl that is John's sister and Ashley's younger twin.



A tortiseshell cat with ginger spots. After the medicine cat and his apprentice died from an outbreak of Greencough, she was chosen as a kit to replace them. One of the youngest medicine cats ever. Personally trained by Starclan themselves.


A mysterious mottled tom with yellow eyes. He has an obvious grudge against the clans, especially Thunderclan.


A thin gray tom that is Falkenstar's personal spy.

More Characters and information coming soon!

See the Characters in action at The Twoleg Prophecy.

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