Lizardkit is a fluffy golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a white muzzle, chest, and paws.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Half Edit

Lizardkit is Heathertail's daughter. She has a brother named Blazekit and a sister named Leafkit.

The identity of their father is unknown; Heathertail claims that he died before they were born.

Lizardkit hates her stepfather, Breezepelt. He also appears to strongly dislike her and her siblings.

She has a secret obsession with ThunderClan.

Family Edit

Mother: Heathertail - Living (as of Half)

Brother: Blazekit - Living (as of Half)

Sister: Leafkit - Living (as of Half)

Tree Edit

Heathertail ------------------------------- Unknown Tom
                  |           |          |
             Lizardkit     Leafkit    Blazekit

Trivia Edit

Coming soon...

Spoilers end here.''

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