Maplepaw is a slim, dark brown tabby she-cat with big and prettyful hazel eyes.


She is based off of Eveningpath's real life best friend

She is what Eveningpaw was like when she was younger, but weirdly they are the same age.

They get alone very well, and do nearly everything together. Eveningpaw and she help each other out. Even though they've only met each other for 2 moons, they've become lifetime friends.

When Eveningpaw starts to like Cypresspaw, Maplepaw tells her that she thought that Pinepaw liked her. Eveningpaw wonders about this. Maplepaw likes Goldpaw. When Maplepaw tells Eveningpaw about herself, and Eveningpaw tells her about herself, they realize that they're so a like it's freaky. Well, Eveningpaw does, anyway. It's actually very neat. But who knows that the future'll unhold?

Eveningpaw studies what Maplepaw had told her about her encounters with Goldpaw, and Eveningpaw thinks that he likes her back. When Eveningpaw then tells of of her feelings to Cypresspaw, Maplepaw considers. She knows him inside out, as they've known each other ever since they were kits. Cypresspaw is like a sister to Cypresspaw and Pinepaw, and, coincidentally, they're all trees.

Maplepaw is always there for Eveningpaw, and she's there for her, as well. See Eveningpaw for more details.


Best friends: Eveningpaw, Songpaw, Icepaw

Other very, very, brotherly like friends: Cypresspaw, Pinepaw

Past crushes: Those of the above, lol

Crush: Goldpaw

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