Marshfoot is a small, mottled brown tom with blue eyes.

Education Edit

Apprentice(s): Nightwing, Finchstripe

Family Edit

Mates: Applefall, Morningdew

Kits- Tigerheart, Liontooth, Maplepaw, Swiftpaw, Starlingpaw

Marshfoot's Biography Edit

Marshfoot is first shown as a warrior in Blazing Fire that often helps hunting patrols and border patrols. He seems to be good friends with Hawkfire, and close friends with Applefall. He later becomes mates with Morningdew and she gives birth to Tigerheart and Liontooth. After his kits become warriors, he becomes mates with Applefall who gives birth to Maplepaw, Swiftpaw, and Starlingpaw. He is still shown to be quite friendly and loyal to MeadowClan, and he retires to a elder in Friend or Foe.

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