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Marshpaw is a black and white tom with amber eyes.

History Edit

 In Cats of the Wild: Four Prophecies

Marshpaw is one of the chosen four in Cats of the Wild series.
Marshpaw is first seen in chapter four calming down Volepaw and Twigpaw during an argument. A couple moments later, his sister, Leafpaw, appeared saying that Dovestar, MistClan's leader, wanted him in her den. He then went to her den. She uncovered that he is a desendent of Miststar, one of the four founding leaders when the Clans were created. This is part of the puzzle on how Marshpaw figures out about how he is part of the prophecy to save the Clans.

Family Edit

Members Edit


Whitefoot-- living as of Four Prophecies


Blackshadow-- living as of Four Prophecies


Leafpaw-- living as of Four Prophecies


Crowpaw-- living as of Four Prophecies


Midnight-tail-- deceased, suspected StarClan member


Darkstorm-- deceased, suspected StarClan member

Great Grandfather:

Bumbleleaf-- deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Great Grandmother:

Miststar-- deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Great Grandfather:

Whiteclaw-- deceased, suspected StarClan member

Family Tree Edit







                                                             Blackshadow --------------------Whitefoot




      End of Spoiler Warning                                                       

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