Alligences Edit

Leader: Branchstar- huge pale brown tabby tom

Deputy: Hawkfire- slender dark orange tabby and white she-cat with green eyes

Medicene cat: Sunblaze- small golden-brown tabby tom, Apprentice: Mallowleaf


Bumblestripe- pale gray tom with dark black stripes

Icefire- fluffy white she-cat with amber eyes

Moonfrost- large, silver tabby tom with blue eyes

Waterlily- small black she-cat with white tabby stripes

Dawnfrost- long haired calico she-cat with blue eyes

Pebblestream- long haired golden tabby tom with dark green eyes

Fawnwhisker- slender dark red-brown tabby she-cat

Eagleheart- huge dark brown tabby tom with a white belly and yellow eyes

Coppernose- dark ginger she-cat with a unusual orange nose

Viperfang- long haired brown tabby tom

Frogsong- ginger tabby and brown tom with green eyes

Rainstorm- handsome dark gray tabby tom

Skycloud- dark gray and white she-cat

Applefall- pale tortieshell and white she-cat

Marshfoot- small speckled brown tom with blue eyes

Scarface- big brown tabby tom with a battle scarred muzzle


Mallowleaf- pretty silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

Icepaw- pale gray she-cat

Darkpaw- gray-black tom with amber eyes

Salmonpaw- reddish tom with a bushy tail

Sorrelpaw- light brown tabby she-cat

Nightpaw- pretty black she-cat

Hailpaw- gray and white tom with blue eyes

Swallowpaw- dark gray tabby she-cat


Bluemist- blue-gray tabby she-cat, expecting Viperfang's kits

Morningdew- beautiful dark tortoishell she-cat, mother of Frogsong's kits, Cinderkit, and Dapplekit

Twigpelt- dark brown tabby queen, pregnant with Bumblestripe's kits

Mintstripe- gray tabby queen, mother of Marshfoot's kits, Beetlekit, Vinekit, and Dovekit


Dewfrost- large pale gray and white tom

Mousefang- skinny brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Falconwing- old dark gray tom

Clan prey and personality Edit

Clan prey includes rabbits and birds from the meadows, also mice and voles are common

MeadowClan cats a swift, nimble, loyal cats who are known best for their speed and brilliant hunting skills.

Clan camp Edit

The Clan camp is in a deep dip in the meadow, surrounded by brambles and boulders. There are many boulders that have fallen into the dip many seasons ago and are now covered in moss, small plants, and lichens. The medicene den is between two boulders with soft sand as a flooring. The warriors den is a huge crack in the meadow which may have been caused by a earthquake, it can fit many cats. The apprentice den is under a large fern. The elders den is under a shallow overhang that has a cave under it. The nursery is under some rocks which fell long ago. The meadows are distant and beautful with soft long green grass and several other plants. The MeadowClan camp is near the Pacific Ocean's coast, a vast cliff leading into the sea.

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