• Minnowpaw
  • Dark brown fur
  • Gray eyes with gold specks
  • Father- Sharpfoot
  • Mother- Jezzabella
  • Brother- Crowpaw
  • SkyClan
Theme Song
  • ?
  • The Fallen
  • Ice in the Moon
  • Courage
  • No

"I love kits!"
- Minnowpaw, The Fallen

"He didn't seem too keen on fighting us!"
- Minnowpaw to Icekit, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Minnowpaw appears as Sharpfoot's unknown daughter, along with her brother, Crowpaw, and her mother, Jezzabella. See Sharpfoot and Hawkstar.
Sharpfoot states he wants his two kits to go with Cloverfang and Hawkstar so his kits can be warriors of SkyClan, since they cannot fight and the barn is being harrassed by LavaClan. The readers do not get to see Hawkstar's descicion until the next chapter.
Hawkstar decides to let them, and the first cat from SkyClan besides Cloverfang and Hawkstar is Leopardpaw. She thinks that Minnowpaw is a LavaClan cat, and attacks her.

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Minnowpaw goes off against Leopardpaw in a training bout. Moonkit wants Minnowpaw to win, and Icekit wants Leopardpaw to win, in which Leopardpaw eventually does. Minnowpaw later complains to her Tigersky that 'a kit can fight better than me!'.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Minnowpaw supports Hawkstar's choice for Birdpaw's mentor to be Leopardheart, showing that their rivalry may be a friendship-rivalry sort of thing - at least to Minnowpaw.
Minnowpaw is chosen to go help Sharpfoot at the barn.
Minnowpaw decides to selflessly stay behind with her father and watch after him temporarily.

Trivia Edit

  • Minnowpaw's name could have been Copperpaw, but her creator decided that sounded too tom-ish.

Education Edit

Mentor Sharpfoot (basically), Tigersky
Apprentice(s) None

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Father Sharpfoot - Status Unknown as of Courage
Mother Jezzabella - Status Unknown as of Courage
Brother Crowpaw - Living as of Courage
Half-Siblings Unnamed, Deceased kits

Family Tree Edit

             Jezzabella ---------Sharpfoot---------Mintfur
                               |                |
                               |                |
                            /    \            Unnamed, deceased kits
                      Minnowpaw  Crowpaw

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