Current: Place of No Stars
Past: SkyClan
Shiningdawn, Lovedusk
Mentor(s): Blackheart
Apprentice(s): Lizardcloud
Book Appearances
Living: The Bravest
Dead: The Fallen
Ice in the Moon
Nick's Secret
"If you truly care about Cloverfang and your Clan, you'll meet me by RiverClan territory by moon-fall"
- Mintfur to Sharpfoot, The Bravest

"I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship..."
- Mintfur to Moonpaw, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Black-and-white she-cat with mint-green eyes.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Mintfur mocks Cloverfang and Sharppaw, along with her apprentice, Lizardpaw and Mudspots, her aquantince. She also tells her Goldenstripes "has a message for you".
Sharpfoot tells Cloverfang that Mintfur forced him to be his mate. He leaves for Barley's farm, stating she also planned on killing all of SkyClan, one by one.
Cloverfang tells Mintfur the truth about when Sharpfoot left. Distraut, she leaps into the river, ending her and her kits lives, and saying she wanted to go to the Dark Forest.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

It turns out Sharpfoot lied and didn't have to leave the Clans at all, but only wanted to so he could be with his other mate. See Sharpfoot
Mintfur attacks Nick in the beginning because she wants to know the 'truth' about the prophecy, and she knows he knows.

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Cloverfang sees Mintfur at the beginning of the story, when she visits the Place of No Stars when she wants to see Nick. Mintfur seems to be a shell of her former self, not attacking Cloverfang and seeming to be in the worst condition.
Mintfur appears in Moonkit's dream, welcoming her to the Place of No Stars and technically asking her to become her protege'.
Mintfur is seen looking through the Portal of Sight once again[1], and remarks on how "dumb" StarClan are. Nick tells her not to get involved, but she tells him he can't tell her what to do with Moonpaw because that's not his daughter.
Mintfur tells Moonpaw about the 'Held One'.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Mintfur injures Moonpaw for walking out on their last session.
When Moonpaw asks how Mintfur and Nick died, Mintfur twists the truth and tells her she died by being pushed into the river. Nick comments vaguely about how she's lying.
Mintfur shows Moonpaw the Portal of Sight, and they see Icepaw talking to StarClan cats. See Moonpaw
Mintfur then tells Moonpaw about her family tree, and then tells her when she becomes leader, she can spit in the eyes of all the fools that didn't like her.
Mintfur takes away half of Moonpaw's life so she can give it to Sharpfoot and save him, much to Mintfur's dismay.
In Moonpaw's dream from StarClan, Mintfur is shown as her true self: a bloodthirsty monster, to which Moonpaw can obviously see. One of Mintfur's daughters, Shiningdawn, tells her to stay away from Mintfur.
Mintfur tries to get Moonpaw to kill Icepaw, and she almost succeeds.

Super Edition: Nick's Secret Edit

Mintfur questions Nick about his past, and she realizes all the bad things he had done.

Songfic: Tourniquet Edit

Tourniquet is set during the time Mintfur jumps into the river and where she is condemned to the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars. It starts out with her already in the river, drowning, but does not struggle and does not regret her descision. Suddenly, she feels sorry and tries to swim up, but dies. The old SkyClan leader, Rainstar, condemns her to the Dark Forest.

Education Edit

Mentor Blackheart
Apprentice(s) Lizardcloud, Moonpaw (in all sense)

Quotes Edit

Well, well, lookie here, who's playing with their apprentice? --Mintfur to Cloverfang, Mudspots, Sharpfoot, and Lizardcloud, The Bravest, Chapter 1
If you truly care for Cloverfang and your Clan, you'll meet me in RiverClan territory by moonfall. --Mintfur to Sharpfoot, The Bravest, Chapter 5?
Kits! --Mintfur to Nick, The Fallen, the Epilogue
I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship... --Mintfur to Moonpaw, Ice in the Moon, Chapter 10
It can't be nearly as bad as what I did.... --Mintfur to Nick, Nick's Secret, the Prologue
When you're leader, you can spit in the eyes of all those fools. --Mintfur to Moonpaw, Courage, Chapter 1
This is what I've always wanted. --Mintfur to Moonpaw and Icepaw, Courage, Chapter 5
You have no heart, Moonpaw. None of us do. --Mintfur to Moonpaw, Courage, Chapter 7
I don't regret my descision. I never do. --Mintfur to the reader, Tourniquet

Theme Song Edit

Trouble link later
Everybody's Fool link later

Trivia Edit

  • Mintfur is the only cat to appear in every single book, living or dead (not counting the "Dirty Little" spin-off series).
  • It is mentioned a few times[2] that Mintfur has a shaggy, limp piece of fur/fringe over her left eye, but it's not in her description.
  • Tourniquet by Evanescence could be seen as one of Mintfur's theme songs, though it is not official.

Family Edit


Mother Whitethorn - Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member
Mate Sharpfoot - Status Unknown
Daughters Shiningdawn and Lovedusk - Deceased, Verified StarClan members

Family Tree Edit

             Jezzabella ---------Sharpfoot---------Mintfur
                               |                |
                               |                |
                            /    \            Unnamed, deceased kits
                      Minnowpaw  Crowpaw

References and Citations Edit

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