Mintwhisker is a character in the fanfiction RainClans' Beginning.


Mintwhisker is a white and ginger striped she-cat with amber eyes.


RainClans' Beginning, Unnamed group of rouges

RainClans' Beginning, RainClan


Rouge, Peppermint

Apprentice, Mintpaw

Warrior, Mintwhisker

Book AppearancesEdit

Mintwhisker first seen being asked by Rainstar where the group of rouge's leader is. She directs him to Oak, the leader. Rainstar thanks her, then leaves.

More coming soon!


Mentor - Rainstar


Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Brothers - Eaglewing

Sisters - None

Mate - Rainstar

Kits - Coming soon!


Mintwhisker was originally put in RainClan for lack of she-cats.

Mintwhisker might share her name with a SkyClan warrior from the books. Sparrowfeather isn't sure.

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