WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.



  • Misty
  • Mistyheart
  • Gray fur with white dots
  • Ice Blue eyes
  • Father-
  • Mother-
  • Bother- Black
  • Loner
  • Night
Dead Books
  • None

Misty is she cat who has a gray pelt with white dots running down her back and ice blue eyes.


Before NightEdit

Misty and her Family were all cossing a narrow Bridge with a river far below it, aknow they couldn't see the river as theres mist. they could easy hear it. However as they were almost over the wind suddeny picked up and being in a narrow valley with high stone walls the wind was a lot stonger. Misty fell off in to the river, and just saw Black jumping on to the other side where he get behind a wall which blocked the wind. Before the river took her away.

Loners NightEdit

Misty is now in LightningClan. She is in the patrol which finds Black and some NightClan cats fighting a wolf, the patrol helps fight off the wolf, but the lightningClan cats leave before she could talk to Black.

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