MoonClan is a Clan who lives on an island, along with FlameClan, ForestClan and OceanClan. These Clans are descendants of shipwrecked cats who came to the islands long ago. The Twolegs are long gone, but the cats remain.

Traits Edit

Prey: Squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes fish.

Hunting skills: They are good at hunting on rocky slopes, and can track and chase prey through very narrow spaces. They sometimes fish, but prefer hunting dry prey.

Skills: MoonClan are generally expert climbers, as they have adapted living on rocky slopes. They are good jumpers and can navigate through narrow spaces.

Territory Edit

Type: Rocky slopes and a bit of moorland that they rely on for most of their rabbits.


Highcliff - a large cliff that overhangs the leader's den, it is where the leader makes announcements.

Littlerock - a small sloped rock, usually used for training apprentices.

Rock hollow - a small hollow surrounded by sharp stones. Apprentices train here.

Important Members Edit

Ravenstar - Current leader of MoonClan.

Moonfang - Now deceased, Moonfang was the grand-daughter of Moonstar, founder of MoonClan. Moonfang was the StarClan mentor. (See StarClan vs. Dark Forest)

Icepool - Blind medicine cat, she was one of StarClan's apprentices.

Dawnwhisker - Previous medicine cat, she assited Moonfang and trained Icepool while Moonfang trained the others.

Moonsong - One of StarClan's apprentices.

Liontail - One of StarClan's apprentices.

Russetclaw - One of StarClan's apprentices.

Lightningblaze - One of StarClan's apprentices.

Redstorm - Now deceased, he was one of StarClan's origanal apprentices. He died shortly after his first training, and Lightningblaze took his place.

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