Greetings. I am Icestorm, Moonclan deputy to Dawnstar, and destinied to become a great leader. Moonclan comes to you in peace, and wishes to become allies with your noble clans. We live with Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, and Shadowclanand are the fifth clan of the lake, prophecized to rise to power by Starclan. War is coming, but only I, Sandstorm, Shimmerpelt, and the deceased Flamekit realize it. Thunderclan and Windclan are our allies, but it is unknown where Riverclan and Shadowclan will stand in the battle to drive out the evil cats who live beyond clan territory, killing our cats and stealing our prey- The Tribe of Flying Eagles, they call themselves. They threatened the Tribe of Rushing Water, a friendly mountain group of cats, and we sent clan cats to help drive off the evil tribe with Thunderclan. Shadowclan and Riverclan may be friends with the tribe, it is unknown. The Tribe of Flying Eagles has grown, recruiting rougue, loners, kittypets, and even Bloodclan warriors, who helped Moonclan survive the twoleg place. Once Moonclan got too strong, they were driven off. Please join us and help us drve off these evil cats! Send warriors to the Lake of the five clans if you know where it is.

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