Moonshine is a silver she-cat with white paws, a black tabby-striped tail, and amber eyes. She is currently a warrior of WingClan, and always seems happy to have family with her.

History Edit

Not much is known about Moonshine, except for the fact that one day Spottedwish and Blackscar returned from hunting to find her unconscious. She finally woke up two days later. Two moons after this, she had two kits, but both of them were stillborn. Spottedwish and Blackscar apologized, but Moonshine told them she was glad that they didn't survive, it gave her less to be responsible for. It is never discovered who the father is, and one day, when Icethroat and Moonshine are all alone, Icethroat asks, and Moonshine admits that she doesn't know either. Moonshine and Icethroat develop a bond, and one day, Icethroat asks Moonshine to join WingClan. Moonshine's response is that she can't leave Blackscar and Spottedwish without someone to look after them.

Two moons later, Moonshine meets Flarefang and Sunstorm on a patrol and asks them if she can join WingClan. When they say no, Moonshine starts to turn around, but Icethroat catches up and tells her that she can join, and thanks her for joining, but Moonshine never reveals her reason for joining.

Family Edit

Mother: Lilystripe

Father: Blackscar

Half-Aunts: Flarefang, Fireflash, and Gingerheart

Sisters: Spottedwish and Icethroat

Brothers: Sunstorm

Neices: Rainpaw and Dapplepaw

Nephew: Cloverpaw

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