Mousestripe a white tom with brown stripes and amber eyes.

Personality Edit

Mousestripe is a very funny, active cat, he has many friends even from diffrent Clans. But in battle he gives no mercy. He doesn't have a mate or kits but really wants to. In battles he is like his dad, Tallpelt, but can easly be forgiven. Most she-cats like his but he wants to find his true love like his mother and father did.

Education Edit


Apprentices: Firepaw

Family Edit

Members Edit

Sire: Tallpelt


Brothers: Dark-kit, Reedkit

Sisters: Poppywhisker, Nightkit

Mate: Ratfoot

Son: Sootwhisker

Daughters: Mouseclaw, Finchwhisker, Forestclaw

Tree Edit

|                        Whitedash - - - Tallpelt
                    |              |           |         |         |
   Rainfoot - - - Poppywhisker   Mousestripe   Dark-kit   Reedkit   Nightkit

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