Mousetalon is a pale ginger tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with musty blue-gray eyes

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

History Edit

Destiny of a Warrior Edit

Mousekit, her sister Redkit, and her best friend Mothkit sneak out of the nursery, but they get caught by Echonose and Kinklegs, two warriors on their vigil. They are sent back to the nursery, where Mousekit and Redkit's mother Leafshade and Mothkit's mother Gladeheart punish them by making them serve the elders. While serving the elders, the kits hear stories from the wise she-cat Goldenrain.

During her first battle as an apprentice, Mousepaw complains to her new mentor Echonose how slow the patrol is moving. She snaps at her, and Ferntail, the Clan deputy, leads the apprentices off to attack before the warriors. Mousepaw fights a tortoiseshell she-cat well, and is relieved when Violetstar's patrol arrives. She helps Mothpaw fight and is stunned and saddened when she sees Ferntail is dead. Her mentor then becomes deputy.

A while after the battle, Mousepaw is preparing to patrol when she sees an eagle about to carry off a kit. She saves the kit, tearing off one of its talons in the process, and earning her warrior name- Mousetalon.

On a border patrol with Mothfur, whom she had fallen out with, she runs into an AdderClan patrol. After arguing, she and Mothfur go to help out the Clan in a battle to take back Silver-rocks. She starts fighting Torchflight, but her mother orders her to stop and help her. After the battle is over, Mothfur asks her how she is, and she snaps at him.

A few moons later, Mousetalon has an apprentice, the kit she saved, Fogpaw. They take part in a battle, and Echonose approves.

Destiny of a Warrior: And Echo in the Wind Edit

Coming Soon

Family Edit

Mother: Leafshade

Father: Torchflight

Brothers: Oatclaw, Littlestorm

Sisters: Redfangs, Pureheart

Sons: Blazepaw,Lionpaw

Daughters: Songpaw, Purplepaw

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