Mistyfur is a young queen with white fur and big black and small ginger patches of her fur and . She is Apperstar's mate. Her kits are:


Apperstar is the second leader of Sunset clan. His father was the first, Sunsetstar. He is a gray, tabby, orange, and black color cat, because Sunsetstar was a orange tabby and his mother, Wildflower is a gray-black color. His brother is Bumblepelt and his sister, who was killed by a badger, was Flowerstem, the medicine cat.(She is from another litter, who the other cats are Tigerkit(died when Wildflower had whitecough, which killed her too.) and the elder, Duskflower).


Jaywing is a white and black striped tom with blue eyes and the 3rd medicine cat of SunsetClan. He is the closest medicine cat to Sun&MoonClan and Mistyfur's brother.


Mistyfur brother; tom with black fur and ginger patches all over with blue eyes. His mate is Dawnlight, and his kit is a she-cat, Stonekit.


Ginger-orange she cat; Mistyfur's mother. Her mate is was Sparrowfeather.


Black and white tom; Mistyfur's father. His mate was Redflower.

Before Redflower, Poppyseed. There kit was Ashkit(pelt)

         |      Gingertwig(D) 
???---Dewdrop     Heatherfern(D)          Crowwing(D)--------Jadeeyes 
    Nightcloud   Redflower(D)--------Sparrowfeather(D)   | 
(Go down for Nightcloud)         |                        | 
 |                            Mistystar               --------- 
 |                            Stonekit(D)          Sandypaw(D) 
 |                            Blackkit(D)   Badgertail(D)----Appleleaf  
 |                            Jaywing(D)                          | 
 | Dawnlight------------------Toadleg                             | 
 |                      |                           Darkfang----Snowwing 
 |                      |                                          | 
 |                  Stonepelt                            Sandywind----??? 
 |                                                        | 
 |                                                    Brackenclaw    

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