Nettlepaw is a brown-and-white she-cat.

History Edit

Nettlepaw was born to Bearstar and a rogue. She was the smallest out of her litter. Nettlepaw was one of six kittens born to her mother, whose name was Stream. Stream gave her kits away to Bearstar, the leader of ShadowClan. Two of her siblings died of greencough, and the rest survived to become apprentices. Nettlepaw was killed in the raid on FireClan. Raincloud, her brother, believes that Nettlepaw's killer was Dustfleet.

Education Edit

Mentor: Barkthroat

Apprentice: None

Family Edit

Mother: Stream (rogue) - Status Unknown

Father: Bearstar - Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Brothers: Raincloud - Living

              Sharktail - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Sisters: Featherheart - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

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