Nightclan is one of the five clans liveing in a valley at the foot of some mountains.

They live in a Cave, with a way to the top of the valley, if the River floods and if they're attacked.

on the hill it's mostly Wood land. They are the 2nd biggest Clan, and live on one side of the river with LightningClan, well the other three Clans live on the other side.


LEADER: Bramblestar, dark brown tabby tom with Amber eyes.

DEPUTY: Sunwhisker-all ginger tom with Green eyes, apprentice Stormpaw.

MEDICINE CAT: Skydapple- dappled gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes and a white tipped tail,


Blackpelt, all-black tom.

Owlgaze, all-brown tom.

Moonpelt, all-White she cat with.

Applefur, dark-grey tabby she cat with blue eyes.

Darkfire-Large muscular black tom with one torn ear and amber eyes.

Kinkstripe- pale brown tabby she-cat with dark black zigzag stripes,

Pricklepad- muscular black tom with amber eyes


Swiftfoot, all-grey she cat.


Stormpaw, all-White tom with green eyes.

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