Nightclan Edit

There was already a Nightclan here but on my books it's different

History Edit

Stormstar was a loner and started Nightclan and renamed it Stormclan, when Skyclan took up most room Nightclan was forced to leave. After many moons and seasons after Stormstar died, they decided to rename the clan Nightclan again. When Darkstar was te clan leader, she found Arakit after awhile Arakit became Arapaw then Araheart then after Darkstar passed she became Arastar.

Characters Edit


Leader: Arastar

Deputy: Tuskfoot



Elders: Brindlespots Poolflower Clawrock Menolarch Lilacfur

Apprentices:Brownpaw Echopaw Flowerpaw Orangepaw Stumpypaw


Kits:Applesclaws:Streakkit:A tan kit with one black streak along her back

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