WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.


Nightpelt is described as a black she-cat with amber eyes.



Apprentice: Nightpaw

Warrior: Nightpelt

Affiliation BurnClan
Status Warrior

Black fur

Amber eyes


Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Siblings: Clawstar

Mate: Foxpelt

Kits: None


On the Warpath

Fading Cries


Whispers in the Shadows


On the WarpathEdit

Nightpelt is first seen talking with her sister Clawstar before heading out on a hunting patrol.

She also can be spotted at one of the Gatherings, though is not mentioned by name.

During the battle with a few rogues, she is severely wounded, but healed by Sandfoot.

She learns of her sister's death, and is thrown into much grief.

Her mate, Foxpelt can be seen comforting her.

Later, at the end, after Rivertail is named leader, Nightpelt becomes pregnant with Foxpelt's kits, and must move into the nursery.

Fading CriesEdit

Nightpelt is seen in the first chapter, with the crazy belief that Clawstar is somehow still alive, leaving many to think she has lost her mind.

She gives birth to three kits, all toms- Spiderkit, Eaglekit, and Clawkit, whom she names after her sister.

Foxpelt and her have an argument over whether or not Clawstar is still alive. He believes she isn't, so Nightpelt decides to go off and find her, but is killed when passing through ShadeClan territory by the leader, Oakstar, believing that she was on a mission to spy on them, with other clanmates waiting for her in the shadows.


Nightpelt is seen once, appearing to Clawstar in a dream, warning her that the clan needs her now more than ever, since Riverstar (once Rivertail) is sick, and weak from a recent battle with IceClan that was unprovoked.

Whispers in the ShadowsEdit

She is seen talking with Sandfoot about the troubles, and that Owlfoot is a threat all clans will face, since IceClan exiled him after they found out he had caused the death of Clawstar, which was something that should never have happened (fake death).

Then, she sees that Clawstar has turned her back on the clans, and is now living happily as a rogue, and grows infuriated with the former, slightly insane (now much troubled) leader.

Clawstar reminds Nightpelt that she was never meant to be leader.

Pages on relativesEdit

== Clawstar (BC)

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