Name: Nightsong

Rank(Warrior, Rogue, Leader, ect.): Warrior

Appearance: Nightsong is a sleek, lithe dark grey and light grey she cat with black stripes, paws, and amber eyes.

Personality(MUST BE DETAILED!): Nightsong is wise, calm and stubborn. She is often very leader-like, and likes to be on her own. She is very protective with kits, and very mysterious to say the least. She is graceful while hunting and in battle, and cautious around rogues.

History(also must be detailed!): Nightsong was born to two rogues, Silver and Reed. Her mother and father didn't want her when she was five moons old, so they told her to leave. When Night refused, her mother scratched her ear, leaving a huge scar. So Night ran away, and for seasons she lived on her own. She didn't yet know that DiamondClan was nearby, and one day when she was hunting, she almost attacked a clan cat for coming into her "territory". The cat, now Sunstar, asked if Night wanted to join, and she gladly said yes. While she was in DiamondClan, she fell in love with another cat named Wildheart. Wildheart also loved her dearly. They never had kits, because when Night got her warrior name, Nightsong, she decided that she didn't need a mate if she was going to be a loyal DiamondClan cat. So she told him that she didn't want to be with him anymore whatsoever. Wildheart was utterly heart-broken, and plotted revenge on Nightsong. One night, she was taking a walk when she saw Wildheart and another rogue talking about her, and she eavesdropped. She knew the whole scheme, so when Wildheart led her into the forest, instead of him killing Nightsong, she killed him by stuffing him with Deathberries. She felt very bad about this afterwards, but went back to the clan, pretending she was upset telling DiamondClan that she "found" Wildheart dead. Right now, nobody knows that she killed him.

Kin: Silver(mother), Reed(father), Wildheart(ex-mate, deceased)

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