Nightspots a black and white spotted tom with amber eyes.


Nightspots is a quiet and shy tom. Also a very protective when it comes to his family, friends and clan. He is shy because He broke up with his mate right before she was going to tell him that she was expeting his kits. But around Apprentices and kits he is fun but being around warriors and other cats he is shy and sometimes timde but this all disappers when he looks at his new mate Leafheart. 

Education Edit



Family Edit

Members Edit

Sire: Mossflight

Dame: Moonfur

Sister: Smugepelt

Necie: Butterflykit

Nephew: Black-kit

Mate: Leafheart

Ex-Mate: Spottedfrost

Kits: Sunkit, Lionkit, Emberkit, 4 unknown

Tree Edit

|                                 Moonfur - - - Mossflight        Snowtail - - - - Lilyfur
                                            |                                  |
   ------------------                --------------------            ------------------------
   |                |                |                  |            |                      |
 Foxstar         Gingerwave - - - Smugepelt        Nightspots - - leafheart            Fallenash
                              |                               |
                      -------------------                ----------
                      |                 |                     |
                   Butterflykit      Black-kit          4 unknown kits

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