Name: Nightstorm

Gender: She-Cat

Age: 25 moons

Clan: WindClan

Mother: Feralclaw

Father: Sol

Sisters: Northwind, Spiritpool

Mate: Breezeplet

Kits: Eclipsepaw, and Whitepaw

Rank: Warrior

Appearance Edit

Fluffy Black Cat with Silver ear tips with Yellow eyes

Personality Edit

Nightstorm is a independent She-Cat. She is loyal to her Clan,Mother,and her sisters. She is brave and courageous,always fighting for her Clan and serving it in any way. She finds her loyalty to the Warrior Code like Hollyleaf. She will fight to protect her Clanmates until her very last breath.

History Edit

She was part of Feralclaw's litter. After she became a apprentice she worked harder than any apprentice and even trained longer. She just wanted to be a great warrior to her Clan. She knew the Warrior Code by heart,learned quickly,and even saved the deputy along with her sister, Northwind. They earned their warrior names the day after. She fell in love with Breezepelt and had his kits. She named the 2 kits Eclipsekit and Darkkit. Eclipsekit and Darkkit are now apprentices with the names of Eclipsepaw and Whitepaw. She still remains proud and independent.

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